The University of Toronto, originally known as King’s College, was established in 1827. It has since grown to be a complex and large institution. It currently occupies Scarborough, Erindale, and the historic St. George campus. It has federated to three smaller universities located on the St. George campus and is affiliated with many colleges and institutes. In Toronto, there are ten teaching hospitals that are fully affiliated. Research is conducted by faculty in Canada and abroad.

Canada’s leading research institution, the University has earned a reputation for its international research. It has more students and faculty than any other Canadian university.

The core of Toronto’s undergraduate curriculum is a liberal arts education. The Faculty of Arts and Science boasts more students than any other faculty. The University has maintained a variety of professional faculties to help students prepare for their chosen professions. It is Canada’s leading centre for graduate education because of its emphasis on research Jean Chen University of Toronto in all fields. It produces the majority of doctoral candidates in many fields. Students from across the country and around the globe are attracted to the quality and variety of the programs, whether they are undergraduate, graduate, or professional.

The University has a large library, which is both the largest in Canada and one of the most important in the world, to support its teaching and research activities. Many laboratories and research aids are maintained by the University. Members of other universities can use the Library and many of these research areas. The University of Toronto Press Inc., the largest Canadian institution of its type and one of North America’s most prominent scholarly publishers, is the University of Toronto Press Inc.

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